Monday, May 14, 1990

People in New Orleans say Katrina changed everything. They don't know the half of it.

In ROYAL STREET, coming fall 2011 from Tor:

Katrina has caused breaches in the temporal fabric between the human world and the Beyond that opened New Orleans to a deluge of preternaturals. Young wizard Drusilla Jaco tries to find her missing mentor and clear his name before all hell breaks loose in a city that's already on life-support. She joins forces with hunky enforcer Alex and the spirit of Louis Armstrong to battle a voodoo god and a host of the historic undead ranging from pirate Jean Lafitte to a grouchy William Faulkner to former Gov. Huey Long.

In RIVER ROAD, coming spring 2012 from Tor:

Hurricane Katrina is years past, but her changes to the New Orleans landscape are permanent. Namely, the borders between the modern city and the Beyond have tumbled, and the "pretes" are now living among unsuspecting humans. DJ and Alex dodge nixes, nymphs, merpeople (and a couple of satyrs) on their way to finding a killer who's got Green Congress wizards dropping like flies. And DJ's love life is out of control, between an amorous Jean Lafitte, a grumpy Alex, sexy shapeshifter Jake, and a mysterious new neighbor with nefarious intentions.

Sunday, May 13, 1990

A native of Northwest Alabama and graduate of the University of Alabama, Suzanne Johnson has spent more than 25 years in university magazine writing and editing. She spent 15 years in New Orleans and turned her attention to fiction after surviving Hurricane Katrina in 2005. She has described her debut novel ROYAL STREET, an urban fantasy set in the aftermath of the storm, as catharsis for her soul. Read more about her writing here.

Suzanne is a specialist in long-form feature writing and has worked at the University of Illinois, Rice University, and Tulane University. She is the associate editor of Auburn Magazine at Auburn University. WAR EAGLE!

In her spare time, she is an avid reader and audiophile with a passion for great lyrics and obscure British pop. Reading, writing and music only fall by the wayside when the weather cools down and the SEC football season kicks off.

She currently lives in Auburn, Alabama with her spoiled "rott-chow" Tanker and Shane, an Irish terrier with attitude.