Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Write Like...A Schizophrenic

 This Writing Analysis Calculator by Mac is supposed to take a chapter, poem or article, analyze your sentence structure and word choices, and then tell you what famous author you most write like.

So, I plugged in the first chapter of RIVER ROAD, which I'm revising now, and it shot back: You write like Dan Brown. Gah.

Not happy with that (although I'll take his money), I plugged in the first chapter of REDEMPTION, which I just finished, and it shot back: You write like Stephen King. Much, much better.

Curious now, I plugged in the first chapter of ROYAL STREET, my first book, thinking that since it was the precursor to RR, it would also be Dan Brown. But no. You write like Leo Tolstoy.

Damn. Finally, I plugged in my latest longform feature article, a playful piece talking about how Auburn University chose its orange and navy school colors. You write like James Joyce.

Uh, okay. Try it anyway, although I realize it has no validity unless I have yet to develop any narrative voice whatsoever. It's kinda fun!


  1. I used the first page of four different stories and was told I write like James Joyce, H.G. Wells, Dan Brown, and Stephen King. lol

  2. LOL--When I have time I'm going to go back and plug in the same thing twice and see if I get two different answers. I have a suspicion it's random!

  3. I can top Dan Brown... the first section I posted came up Stephenie Meyer... I gagged a little... Good thing other authors came up with my other authors :)