Thursday, October 7, 2010

Writing? Who Has Time to Write?

 First, many thanks to web designer savant Nicole over at Word for Teens and my crit partner Susan at Wastepaper Prose for the new blog look! I hope it's easier to read, and the title bar ties into my first book, ROYAL STREET, which will appear on a bookshelf near you ones of these days. Really. April of 2012. It's just a heartbeat away.

I kept most of the features of the old blog design, including my progress meter. I hate that "progress meter" over on the righthand column, because it hasn't moved in..oh...two months, I'd say. Because I cannot find time to write. That is about to change, dammit.

Finished judging all contest entry commitments? Check.

Finished last book review commitment? Check.

Minimized my critique commitments? Check.

Signed up for National Novel Writing Month? Check.

Purged Tweet Deck from my desktop? Uh. Well.

Convinced live-in Senior Adult that even though she sits at home alone all day, she should be okay with me disappearing into the writing cave after dinner and then sit at home alone all evening? Well, not that either.

Convinced the day job to go away but keep paying me? Ha!

Still, I've pulled away from some obligations. I have written a couple of short stories, which I equate to waterboarding. I've started the new Fiction Affliction columns for the awesome folks over at I've sketched out an idea for a new book, only to have my New Orleans characters hijack me and tell me I should write their next story first. And I'm ready to soon as I get this pesky day job deadline taken care of for another quarter. 

Now, off to write about dolphin use in the military.


  1. Love the design. It's easier to read. Love the colors. Nice job!!!!

    Writing time is valuable and sometimes hard to come by!

    April 2012. Yikes, that's so far away. Can't wait!!

  2. Love the new blog look. It's awesome!

    I'm cracking the whip on myself to get back to writing. Novels that is. I've written several short stories lately but I need to work on novels again. Yesterday and today have been good so far. I'm hoping to work on my novel everyday and with nano next month, to be able to finish the rough drat by the end of November.

  3. Good luck on finding more time writing. It looks like you've made a good start by backing down or finishing up outside commitments. I'm sure we'll see that progress meter move soon.

  4. Love the new look!

    And delete Tweetdeck? o.O Now let's not talk crazy, Suzanne. :)

    I understand the need to drop some commitments. Sometimes it's a necessary evil.

  5. Glad you like the new banner, Suzanne! =)

  6. Thanks, everyone--and THANK YOU to Nicole for the new look! Now if I can just give that idling manuscript a new look :-)

  7. Love the new look on the blog. Very easy to read.

    I haven't even started on my contest chapters yet. Have ten of them sitting there waiting for me and ten days now to finish. I hope to at least half done this weekend.

    I've been doing very good on the writing and critting end though. Not so good on the house and yard work. Well, tbh- not at all on the house and yard. More work for this weekend.

    As for deleting Tweetdeck. Yeah, that's just crazy talk.