Friday, December 3, 2010

Twists on Urban Fantasy Heroes (& Win an ARC of DD Barant's new KILLING ROCKS)

The newest outing in DD Barant's Bloodhound Files, Killing Rocks, doesn't come out till December 28, but comment today for a chance to win an ARC and read it before everybody else!

I love the twists authors come up with on the kickass urban fantasy hero or heroine. In the Bloodhound Files, we follow FBI profiler Jace Valchek, who gets yanked out of her nice normal (well relatively speaking) life and plopped into an alternate world where most of the folks aren't, well, folks at all. Vamps, werewolves, sorcerers--the usual characters. Her twist is that she can smell trouble--literally. Nose like a bloodhound, get it?

What are your favorite twists on the kickass chick? Sookie's a telepath, Anita's a zombie-raiser (among other assorted issues too numerous to name), Mercy Thompson is a VW mechanic and shapewalker, Dresden's the only licensed wizard in Chicago, John Taylor has a "second sight" that lets him strip bare all but the essential nature of a being (and, whoa, talk about mommy issues)...Tell me some of your favorites!

You know the drill. To win the ARC of DD Barant's Killing Rocks: one entry for comment, one entry for blog follow, one entry for Twitter follow here, and one entry for tweeting or retweeting the contest.


  1. One of my favorites is Joanne from C.E. Murphy's Walker Files.

  2. I love that Sookie is a telepath and can read anyone's mind with the exception of vampires.

  3. Please count me in!

    I like Ilona Andrew's kick-ass heroine Kate Daniels where her blood is old and powerful it contains magic. It may be an old concept but Ilona Andrews can spin it like it's the only idea in the world!

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  4. Mike Shevdon's businessman, Niall Peterson, finds out he has fey blood when he dies waiting for the morning train.

    It amused me greatly, and I do follow your twitter account.

  5. @ Jessica--Love Mike Shevdon's Sixty-One Nails. The second, Road to Bedlam, is on my TBR list.

  6. I always liked how Kinsey Milhone could travel with only an all-purpose black dress and panties that she washed out in the sink. Maybe not a super-power to some people, but if you've had to pay that extra baggage fee lately, you might reconsider.

  7. Mine has to be when Cat Crawfield (from the Night Huntress world by Jeaniene Frost) gets turned in to a full Vampire... but she can only live off the blood of other Vampires....and it doesn't hurt that her man is the Smokin Hot Bones.... oh yummmy yummy yummy Bones (drool) sorry... got distracted..Okay back to the important stuff now...

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    Thank you for this contest!!!

  8. Sounds great. Thanks for sharing! Some of my favorites are Sookie, Kate Daniels, Cat Crawford and Anna Strong.

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  9. My faovurite probaly is Elena from the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh. She is "hunter born", which means she can track angels and vamps.

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  10. You mentioned most of my favorites. Not really urban fantasy but I like Victoria Laurie's Abby Cooper. She's a psychic detective and aids the police and then the FBI.

  11. My favorite : Catherine Crawfield from Jeaniene frost's The Night Huntress series.

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  12. I was surprised to find a lot of bad reviews for Sixty-One Nails.

    I also enjoyed Kat Richardson's, Harper Blaine, finding herself so out of sync with the world after bouncing back from being beaten to death.

  13. My favorite are Kate Daniel and Cat Crawford I love reading about a female who can kick butt sometimes :)
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  14. I've got to admit Sookie's a favorite and Cat from Frost's series.

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