Monday, January 3, 2011

New Releases for January 1-8 (& Reader's Choice Giveaway)

So, you thought Christmas was over and the publishers would give you a break on new releases till you paid your holiday bills? I have one word for you: HA!

On Mondays, I’ll review the week’s new releases in spec fiction (urban fantasy, YA paranormal, paranormal romance, sci-fi and traditional fantasy), so get ready to make  your shopping lists. EXCEPT, as always, I’ll offer your choice of one of these new releases as a giveaway. Reader’s pick! Instructions at the end…If you’d like more info on the books before deciding, head over to my January Fiction Affliction columns at (scroll down for the appropriate category). Yes, this giveaway is open internationally!

January 1 Releases
·      Judi Fennell: I Dream of Genies (Sourcebooks). Genie romantic romp. PNR.
·      Barbara Hambly: Blood Maidens (Severn). Vampires in 1911 Russia. UF.
·      Michelle Hauf: Seducing the Vampire (HQN). Vamps in Marie Antoinette Paris. PNR.
·      Janet Elizabeth Jones: Incubus (Nocturne). Vampire turns incubus (uh oh). PNR.
·      Robin D. Owens: Enchanted No More (Luna). Half-fae must choose sides. PNR.
·      Stephanie Rowe: Kiss At Your Own Risk (Sourcebooks). Cursed “Black Widow” takes on death. PNR.
·      Cameron Stracher, The Water Wars (Sourcebooks). Teens try to escape apocalyptic future where water is currency. YA.
·      Rachel Vincent: My Soul to Steal (Harlequin). Teen’s boyfriend has a dangerous ex—a living nightmare (literally). YA.
·      Karen Whiddon: Lone Wolf (Nocturne). Werewolf and vampire try to save their daughter. PNR.

January 3 Releases
·      Hillari Bell: Trickster’s Girl (HM). Humans vs magic in 2098 USA. YA.
·      Trent Jamieson: Managing Death (Orbit). Death’s minion gets a promotion in time to avert the apocalypse. UF
·      Carolyn Jewel: My Immortal Assassin (Forever). Mage and demon join forces to exact revenge, among other things. PNR.
·      Nicole Peeler: Tempest’s Legacy (Orbit). Jane True must investigate gruesome attacks of females—supernatural, Halfling and human. UF
·      Jesse Petersen, Flip This Zombie (Orbit). ZombieBusters: for all your zombie extermination needs. Harder than it sounds. UF

January 4 Releases
·      Madelyn Alt: Home for a Spell (Berkley). Indiana’s newest witch caught in a murder mystery. UF.
·      Greg Bear: Halo: Cryptum (Tor). Bornstellar is destined to be a builder, but has other things on his mind. SF.
·      Carol Berg: The Soul Mirror (Roc). A scholarly recluse must investigate the land’s most dangerous sorcerer. F
·      Jenna Black: Shadowspell (St Martin’s Griffin). Faeriewalker flees from the Erlking and his Wild Hunt. YA.
·      Orson Scott Card: The Lost Gate (Tor). West Virginia youth caught in secrets of his magical family. YA-UF
·      Bianca D’Arc: Cat’s Cradle (Samhain). Martial arts expert finds herself in a new supernatural world with sexy beast. PNR.
·      Hailey Edwards: Everlong (Samhain).  Heir to the throne gets caught up with winged warrior demon. Yum. PNR.
·      Anna J. Evans: Demon Marked (Signet). Demon-marked woman teams with mob lawyer to escape predatory gang. PNR
·      Ava Gray: Skin Heat (Berkley). Veterinarian and shapeshifter…well, you know. PNR
·      Simon R. Green: A Hard Day’s Night (Ace). John Taylor finds himself the caretaker of Excalibur—trouble follows. UF.
·      Jess Haines: Taken By the Others (Zebra). New York P.I. caught between two vampires, a great place to be. PNR
·      Cynthia Hand: Unearthly (HarperTeen). Teen learns she’s part angel, but the hot boy is part devil. YA.
·      Barb Hendee & JC Hendee: Of Truth and Beasts (Roc). A young journeyor embarks on a dangerous quest. F
·      Lisa Hendrix: Immortal Champion (Berkley). Cursed Viking can only be saved by true love. PNR
·      Emma Holly: Angel at Dawn (Berkley). Medieval soldier finds his long-lost love captured by vampire queen. PNR
·      Faith Hunter: Mercy Blade (Roc). Shapeshifting vampire-hunter Jane Yellowrock hunts insane vamps in New Orleans. UF.
·      Syrie James: Nocturne (Vanguard). Woman caught in storm, saved by mysterious vampire. PNR
·      Jean Johnson: Finding Destiny (Berkley). Four novellas from Sons of Destiny author. PNR
·      Angela Knight: Master of Smoke (Berkley). Woman becomes a werewolf, meets a Sidhe warrior. Hotness ensues. PNR
·      E.E. Knight: March in Country (Roc). Aliens versus vampires in the Kentucky hills. SF
·      Lynn Kurland: Spellweaver (Berkley). In the Nine Kingdoms, man must accept his birthright of magic and overcome dear old dad. F
·      Allie Mackay: Must Love Kilts (Signet). Daydreamer picks up magic stone, brings Highland warrior to life. I want one of those. PNR
·      Mari Mancusi: Night School (Berkley). Twins learn their fae heritage, hide at vampire-slaying facility—bad news for their vampire boyfriends. YA.
·      Annette McCleave: Surrender to Darkness (Signet). Soul gatherer visits Japan, tangles with fallen angel. PNR
·      Sharon Lee & Steve Miller: The Agent Gambit (Baen). Omnibus of 1990s space adventure novels.
·      Dia Reeves: Slice of Cherry (Simon Pulse). Sisters find danger in a new town. YA
·      John Ringo: Citadel (Baen). Space opera aboard a ginormous battle station. SF.
·      Diana Rowland: Secrets of the Demon (Daw). Demon summoner and detective has to team up with FBI and a Demon Lord. UF
·      Samantha Summersby: The Temptation (Samhain). Tormented werewolf finds love with forensic psychologist. PNR
·      Vicki Lewis Thompson: A Werewolf in Manhattan (Signet). Journalist doesn’t believe in werewolves. Heh. PNR
·      Lynn Viehl: Frostfire (Signet). Genetically enhanced psychic falls prey to biotech company and Kyndred brethren. PNR
·      Michelle West: House Name (Daw). An orphan grows up to become a key figure in demonic war. F
·      Eileen Wilks: Blood Challenge (Berkley). Werewolf war breaks out in Tennessee. UF
·      Elizabeth Woods: Choker (S&S). BFFs reunite…but one of them has changed. Really changed. YA
·      Timothy Zahn: Cobra Guardian (Baen). Earthlings decide to take the alien fight to home turf. SF

January 5 Releases
            * Mike Carey: The Naming of the Beasts (Little, Brown). London exorcist Felix Castor is forced to take on a demon riding his best friend’s soul. UF
* K.J. Parker: The Hammer (Orbit). A once-noble family is exiled; fights back in a brutal war. F
* Darren Shan: Hell’s Horizon (Grand Central). The Cardinal’s personal guard is caught in a mystery of The City’s Incan forefathers and a mythical assassin. UF

January 6 Releases
            * Julia Karr: XVI (Speak). Sixteen-year-old girls are tattooed by the government, meaning they’re ready for sex. Set in a disturbing apocalyptic world. YA

January 8 Releases
·      V. Briceland: The Nascenza Conspiracy (Flux). Sorceress’ young brother swaps identities with friend—who’s kidnapped in his place. YA

Whew! You know the drill: One entry each for comment (tell me which book you want if you win, and your email); one for blog follow; one for Twitter follow @Suzanne_Johnson; one for Tweet or Retweet. Good luck!


  1. If I win,(fingers crossed), I would like to have Unearthly by Cynthia Hand. All of the books mentioned look great,but the angel with the bad boy calls to me! Thank you for this great opportunity!

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  2. Jesum' petes! Look at all those books. I can't decide which I would want.

    I'll forward this on. Hope you had a great holiday.

    Dawn Chartier

  3. How on earth is one suppost to pick just one... uuugggg...
    My top 2 picks would have to be
    Michele Hauf's Seducing the Vampire
    Emma Holly"s Angel at Dawn

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    +1 follow Twitter (@kelAmU)
    +1 RT!/kelAmU

    Thanks as always for a fabulous giveaway...
    Kelly M

  4. Lynn Kurland, Spellweaver.


  5. Wowza, that's a lot of books. I am surprised by how many feature vampires. Still!

    I'll take Must Love Kilts.

    cynditefft at gmail dot com
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  6. If I win I want Diane Rowland's Secrets of the Demon. Fingers crossed!

  7. I Dream of Jenie would be my choice, I've enjoyed this authors other reads!

  8. This is a hard choice but I've ordered a coupe of these already. I'll pick Managing Death by Trent Jamieson if I win.

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    sgiden at

  9. O. M. G. That's alot of great looking stuff! I'm a total Emma Holly junky, but I also love Vicki Lewis Thompson. Mmmmm...books.

  10. Holy cow! You weren't kidding about that being a ridiculously long list. Um, how does one choose? I'd say the Carolyn Jewel one, but I might have it already as an ARC (would need to check TBR pile to confirm first if I won).

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    contact (at) jamigold (dot) com

  11. Hard decision...I'd pick Nocturne by Syrie James



  12. If I had to pick only one. I think I would choose - Syrie James: Nocturne. Sounds really good.

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  13. A practically impossible choice! I'll go with My Immortal Assassin.

    blog and twitter follower

  14. If I don't seem greedy entering as I was lucky enough to win last week, I am dying to get my hands on a copy of Unearthly by Cynthia Hand! Thanks for posting all the fabulous books we have to look forward to this month - think I'm going to be broke soon LOL

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  15. Wow, it's sooooo hard to pick just one ;)

    My top list will be : Cameron Stracher, The Water Wars. it sounds GREAT !

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    uniquas at ymail dot com

  16. Seriously! How do you pick? I'm really excited for XVI by Julia Karr but there are soo many good choices here!
    Thx for the giveaway Suzanne!
    I'm a follower
    and I RT
    cubicleblindness at

  17. wow! I love books! Look at that husband hates how much I So many good books but if I'm lucky and win, my top 2 choices would be Michele Haufs seducing the vampire and Janet Elizabeth Jones, Incubus. (fingers are crossed)
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  18. Thanks for the giveaway!
    I would love to win Unearthly.

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    jessica b

  19. Blood Maidens by Barbara Hambly sounds interesting.

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  20. Hi, thank you so much for the giveaway. I can't wait to have my hands on Unearthly by Cynthia Hand. I REALLY want to read it.

    - One entry each for comment.
    - one for blog follow: Jaz Parks
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    dani dot prmr at hotmail dot com

    Jaz Parks

  21. WOW ! Really a great giveaway given the number of books to chose from.

    It is a difficult decision but I would chose Greg Bear: Halo: Cryptum, if I get lucky.

    Thanks very much.

    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

    +2 I am a Follower via GFC.

  22. Greg Bear: Halo: Cryptum sounds really good. Thanks!

  23. I was so overwhelmed by this list, I couldn't even pick until now! I'd go with Lynn Kurland: Spellweaver.

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    Thank you! gmail: nooblingsnest

  24. Wow, so many interesting choices! I would like to read Choker by Elizabeth Woods.

    I am a blog follower.

  25. Syrie James: Nocturne (Vanguard). Woman caught in storm, saved by mysterious vampire would be my pick.
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    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  26. Picking just one is difficult. It will be one for my wife. Please choose for me from the following authors I know she likes, if I win:
    Hillari Bell: Trickster's Girl
    Orson Scott Card: The Lost Gate
    The Hendees: Of Truth and Beasts

    +1 for blog follower

  27. I would love Trent Jamieson: Managing Death! The first book was amazing!

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  28. I want Unearthly by Cynthia Hand if I win! Yeay!

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    darlyn225 at gmail dot com

  29. I would choose lone wolf or unearthly. I am a follower through GFC.

  30. I would love to win Unearthly by Cynthia Hand.

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    +1 Twitter follower: (@Sparima)