Saturday, January 21, 2012

From the Royal Street Playlist: Big Al Carson

Okay, and there's still time to enter the contests for the week--links below!

I listened to lots of Hurricane Katrina-related music while writing Royal Street--which meant keeping myself weepy a lot of the time. But sometimes DJ and I needed to kick back. So today I bring to you a fun song from the playlist: New Orleans' own Big Al Carson, singing the classic "Take Your Drunken A** Home." C'mon, how can you listen to this and not laugh? I almost fell over when I found it on YouTube. It's a favorite on the jukebox at the Green Gator, a bar that figures prominently in Royal Street. Take it, Big Al!

Now...still time to enter contests for the week!

To enter for the first TWO books in Michael Kinch's YA Blending Time dystopian series, click

To win John C. Wright's awesome new sci-fi, Count to a Trillion, click

To win this week's Reader's Choice contest, click

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