Saturday, April 14, 2012

Report from Houston, Part 2--and Still Time to W*n

I'm on the road again today, heading for Dallas after three days and two signings in Houston. I lived in Houston for seven years a while back, so it was fun to meet up with some old friends. Before I recap Friday night's signing, a reminder: there's still time to win this week's Reader's Choice contest. You can read the list of books up for grabs HERE.

Okay, so had a signing tonight with the terrific Murder by the Book shop in Houston, and was excited to see several of my former coworkers and friends from my days working at Rice University, as well as one of my former interns at Auburn. Plus, several people who had already read the book and had fun questions.

(And I signed a book for Charlaine Harris, who'll be doing an event at the store in a couple of weeks. OMG. What do you sign on a book for Charlaine Harris?)


  1. S0! - What did you sign on a book for Charlaine Harris?

    On page 155 starting chapter 18 of Royal Street right now, Greaaaaat!

    Went to RT today, at Rosemont, what a crowd.

  2. LOL--Roger, I don't even remember. I was so shocked. I know I used the word "inspiration" in it, though.

    Been seeing photos from RT--sounds amazing!! Hope you like the second half of Royal Street!

  3. Lol I hope Charlaine Harris will be just as big a fan of your books, as you are of hers! But yes, it really is so cool to meet her.