Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Royal Street Chapter 1, with New Easter Eggs

The enhanced version of Chapters 1-3 of Royal Street have been up at the website for a while HERE, but I wanted to put extra enhanced versions up on this site as well. Each Wednesday I'll be running a new chapter's worth of behind-the-scenes comments. So next Wednesday, tune in for annotations on Chapter 2. Of course, after chapter three, I won't actually be running the text of the book, but will identify where in your book you can find the text that is annotated.

I think it will be lots of fun whether you've already read the book or plan to in future. (It will be a spoiler-free zone!)\

So, open up the excerpt HERE, and click on the "EASTER EGGS" tab on this website in a companion screen--the annotations here have a few extras from what ran on the original site.

1 comment:

  1. This just gets better and better. Never a history buff, this stuff is great. "Royal Street 101".

    THANKS, Roger