Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Royal Street Online and On the Streets

Yesterday was a whirlwind of get ready for launch, go to launch, and a big celebration at Commander's Palace afterward. I'll do an update on that when I get to Houston tonight!

In the meantime, I'm over at The Quillery today, and Sally is giving away a copy of Royal Street. So if you haven't won one yet and want to head over HERE.

The oh-so-fab Marta Acosta is also running a contest at the Vampire Wire blog HERE. Marta, who's the author of the Casa Dracula series, has a YA book, Dark Companion, coming out this summer that is next up on my TBR stack and I can't wait to dig into it.

And I'm over at the Romance Books-R-Us blog today HERE, talking about the joys and sorrows of reader reviews. Read one this morning that hated the book because DJ's dietary habits are bad and she isn't a skilled witch. Considering she's having to eat MREs and isn't a witch at all, I felt those were fair criticisms. LOL.

Stay tuned. More photos coming tonight!


  1. Hmm strange reasons for not liking a book. What are MRE's?

  2. Having eaten a few MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) when my college roommate brought them home from National Guard weekends, I can say that a heroine who can choke that stuff down is a strong character!

  3. It was great meeting you in NOLA finally...and don't worry about those who don't get DJ, so many people will love her!

    And Commanders Palace didn't disappoint. I know I enjoyed it, especially the Pecan Pie.